Zoom – new security features added

Published 03-06-20

The sudden surge in the use of the Video conferencing app Zoom, has led to major security issues; one of them being ‘Zoom bombing’ – where an uninvited guest suddenly joins your meeting or chat. We would recommend, as with anything, in order to keep your security more intact, do not download the app; use […]

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Important update and reassurances to our clients

Published 16-03-20

Many of you have been in contact with us over the last couple of weeks, concerned about the possibility of having to work from home / remotely.  We are currently undertaking the task of ensuring that all of our clients are well looked after, which has meant working longer hours and deploying additional resources.   […]

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CORONAVIRUS … are you prepared for employees to work from home … ?

Published 02-03-20

There is absolutely nothing irrational about preparing your employees to work from home and very soon, this could be the new ‘normal’ around the UK.   Nobody knows how the spread of the virus will affect the UK; globally we are already seeing offices and whole areas on shut down.  This could soon become a […]

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Did you know….

Published 18-07-19

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Is your fridge compromising your home cyber security?

Published 25-04-19

Is your fridge compromising your home cyber security? Most people are aware of the necessity of having anti-virus software on their PCs, and the importance of cyber security for businesses has been highlighted time and time again. But did you consider it for your home appliances? My fridge? Really? Yes! The Internet of Things (IoT) is […]

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VoIP – why you should switch your business

Published 19-03-19

Even if your business is small, you probably still make hundreds of phone calls every week. It’s important then, to have a telephone service that is reliable as well as good value for money. Enter VoIP! What is VoIP? Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP (also referred to as IP telephony, internet telephony and cloud […]

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Expert IT Support – because you love your business

Published 10-02-19

It’s Valentine’s Day yet again, and if you’re not head over heels with the idea of paying for IT support, take a look at our reasons below for finding an IT provider you love! They can save you money (and your reputation!) Yes, it does cost money – but it doesn’t have to be expensive, and […]

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Cyber Security: Still a hot topic – here’s how to reduce the threat!

Published 09-02-19

Cyber Security: Still a hot topic – here’s how to reduce the threat! ‘Marriott hack hits 500 million Starwood guests’ ‘100 million Quora.com user details exposed’ ‘Police investigations into cyber-crime up 14% in a year’ The situation: These are all headlines from the news over the last few weeks. Unless you’ve been hiding under a […]

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