CORONAVIRUS … are you prepared for employees to work from home … ?

There is absolutely nothing irrational about preparing your employees to work from home and very soon, this could be the new ‘normal’ around the UK.


Nobody knows how the spread of the virus will affect the UK; globally we are already seeing offices and whole areas on shut down.  This could soon become a necessity for many of us here and we all know how any sort of disruption can affect our business.


Being in the best possible position to equip your employees to work from home and keep your business running as effectively as possible means ensuring you have everything in place for them to work remotely.


Here are five steps to get started:-


?          Acknowledge the possibility that all, or part, or your workforce may need to work from home.


?          Compile a list of employees and tasks that could be affected


?          Audit available IT hardware and software, and close any gaps in access and



?          Set up a communications protocol in advance


For any advice on this, please do get in contact with one of our Team on 01249 477000 / email