WiFi boost for Beechfield House

Beechfield House is an impressive country house hotel situated in the Wiltshire village of Beanacre. Built in 1878, it was a family home for 90 years until being converted into a hotel in the 1960’s. In addition to it’s offering of cosy accommodation, Beechfield also has meeting rooms and conference facilities and of course offers WiFi to its customers.

It was felt that slow internet connection speeds and poor WiFi service were preventing larger clients from using the meeting and conference facilities and was affecting the quality of the experience for our overnight guests.

Chris Whyte, Owner of Beechfield House, knew that Steve, MD at Merr It, would be able to help. He says ‘We have worked with Steve and Phil for about 4 years now. We can always count on them to be there when we need them. In our 24/7 industry this is imperative’.

Solution Delivery 

As part of the ongoing process of refurbishing the hotel, Chris sought Steve’s advice for how to improve the WiFi and internet speeds. The result was the installation of a new dedicated 20Mbps ethernet connection and an upgrade on the WiFi infrastructure. This included the removal of the old, unreliable system and replacing it with 30 state of the art access points, which offers a scalable solution. This is particularly ideal in a hotel setting, where both employees and guests need to connect with various devices such as desktops, laptops and mobile phones. A basic WiFi extender would not have been sufficient as they can only support a limited number of devices at a time and do not increase the bandwidth (the amount of data that can be transmitted in a certain amount of time)

Chris says ‘the WiFi upgrade has enabled us as a team to operate much more efficiently and given a fabulous service to our guests. Not only are Steve and Phil’s knowledge and skill second to none, they are great people to work with – very accommodating and always immensely helpful.’

The whole process took around one month to complete.

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