IT Security is more important today than it was yesterday. With hacking tools now widely available and the leakage of confidential data on the increase, businesses need to be more proactive than ever by protecting themselves from external forces as well as from increasing threats from within. In a recent study by the IDC marketing agency, 41% of companies are genuinely concerned about possible data leaks and have made prevention a primary objective.

You can trust Merr IT to deal with such crucial concerns on your behalf. We have over 20 years’ experience defining and implementing IT security policies and are familiar with the types of security issues faced by all sizes of businesses.

Security audits

As part of our service we can carry out a complete security audit of your network and computer use, including penetration testing. The results of this will provide you with a comprehensive document that will advise you as to the best practices for the secure management and use of your IT investment, as well as ensuring that your systems are comprehensively protected.

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