Zoom – new security features added

The sudden surge in the use of the Video conferencing app Zoom, has led to major security issues; one of them being ‘Zoom bombing’ – where an uninvited guest suddenly joins your meeting or chat.

We would recommend, as with anything, in order to keep your security more intact, do not download the app; use it in a web browser instead.  Also, beware of emails pertaining to be from Zoom; they are designed to steal your information.

Zoom now has three new features that you need to know about and should be using to increase your security:-

Meeting Password

If you don’t have a password, you are not safe.  This is where ‘Zoom bombing’ comes in.  You should now have a password for all new meetings, previously scheduled meetings and any using a personal meeting ID.

Waiting Rooms

Zoom has a feature called ‘Waiting rooms’.  This is now turned on by Zoom as default and although it may mean that it can take slightly longer to enter a meeting, the security benefits are worth it.

 Screen Sharing Privileges

Screen sharing privileges are now controlled by the host only as default, which avoids anybody sharing offensive or inappropriate images etc.

Stay safe; stay sensible; stay secure.
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